Crowdfunding Day 10: Say Hi to the neighbours

The best thing about crowdfunding is visiting the website and seeing all the other projects which are being advertised.

It is a little bit like doing a car boot sale and going off to browse the other stalls - but only a little!

I'm already going to be sent a sample of luxury tea because the lovely posttea-goes-global campaign was funded.

I've bought another children's book and I'm in at the start of an amazing new website for children where established artists give help and advice to new young creative talent (OK, that one was not purchased just for me) - and I mean really established!

I thought I'd write today to promote a young scientist who needs funds to attend a scientific conference in the States. As I've been in this position myself, of looking for funds to attend conferences etc., I know how difficult the whole process can be - and also how important it is to attend the conference to get your research talked about.

This is the link:

There's only 5 days left to her campaign, so it would be good to see it succeed.

Crowdfunding Day 8: I have a QR code!

Getting the QR code was extremely easy!
I used the website called: and entered the url of my campaign:

and Bob is your uncle!

Now I only have to display this in prominent places and anyone can go straight to my website using their phone.

Crowdfunding Day 6: How many backers, how many pledges?

Someone asked me today how I could have only 4 backers but have so much more pledged.

Did 4 backers pledge nearly £100 each?

Well, the answer is that there are off-line backers. There are a few people who don't want to use internet banking, for whatever reason but who still want to support me in my hare-brained endeavours.

They tell me how much they would like to pledge and I add it onto the campaign with my own account.

Then there are people who are outside the UK and who are not able to use the GoCardless feature.

Once again, they tell me if they want to pledge and I add it.

It's an international operation now, you know.

Oh yes,

500 points if you can name the cartoon.

My crowdfunding campaign can be found here:

If you are from international climes or from non-internet banking roots, then let me know if you are still interested in backing me. Anything's possible these days.

Crowdfunding: Day 5 A Journey of a thousand miles...

...starts with a single step.

I started crowdfunding so that I could raise awareness for my book: Robot Dragons Come From Mars.

It is a funny book which has potential to make a lot of children happy in my opinion. So, I thought a good way to 'get it out there' would be to include it into a crowdfunding campaign.

Also, the illustrations are so good and cute that I thought that they deserved to get a wider audience.

It wasn't for the money: £1,000 will just about cover the printing and posting costs, especially to some of the overseas supporters. And the costs of T-shirts, badges and toys will take up the rest.

I haven't even factored in some of the advertising which I've been doing online. If I was on Dragon's Den, I'm afraid they'd have turned me down by now.

I suppose there are different reasons that people go in for crowdfunding.

But the thing which has been causing a warm glow - even through this raging cold which I have, is the way that my friends and family have suddenly rallied round to support this latest madcap scheme of mine!

Friends sharing my posts and facebook updates and retweeting links and content have been amazing. And friends offering to pledge have been wonderful!

Today I received an email from someone I had never heard of, asking how they could help because a friend of a friend had passed on a link to her.

It is silly to say that I've been surprised by it, because that is what friends and family are for isn't it? But I have been not only surprised but humbled by the support.

Thank you friends and family!

One thing that this crowdfunding campaign has taught me, even if it is only Day 5 is that people are generous and loyal and kind.

Crowdfunding: Number TWO in Google's Search Rankings?

The Robot Dragons Come From Mars crowdfunding campaign is now in it's third day.
I feel exhausted. I've been telling as many people as I can about it with enthusiasm and energy, but at the same time, I've been nursing the worst cold ever for the past month.

So, I'm sure that my 'enthusasiatic' ravings are probably coming across more like the out-of-breath last gasps of a wild-eyed lunatic, wheezing and gurning my way through my spiel.

It is difficult to get people to understand my urgency. Maybe because it is because I have access to the little dashboard icon of the campaign which shows me that since the first day, only half the number of people visited my page today. And since the incredibly promising start of Day 1, the third day has been a flop.

So, when they nod and smile and wait for the conversation to move on to something else, I just want to talk about nothing else!

Crowdfunding campaign

But one amazing thing which has buoyed me up today is that when I looked up 'crowdfunding' on Google, my G+ page is the second link! How does that work?

Someone said it was because I was logged in and they show your links first, but I'm not convinced about that. I tried it after logging out and it was still second.

Yay! Very chuffed, so I took a little picture of it. It's probably not going to happen again.

So, I'm actually feeling quietly optimistic. 21% funded on day 3 can't be so bad.