NaNoWriMo? What NaNoWriMo

It's saggy middle time!

Everything was going very well, thousands of words written down, (many of them nothing to do with NaNo)!

But now I've hit that end of the month slump!

Eight more days to go so its time for that final push!

I've only got [mumble] thousand words to write!

Its uphill all the way. There's no way to go but up now!

The journey of a thousand words begins with just...

Oh well, better get on with it!

Free Short Story: Prankster

Accidentally, you open your diary up at the wrong page. A few months ago, in fact. A Sunday.
October 18th 2015.
On the page is written (not your writing), one word.
Oh no! You think. I'm dreaming that I'm Harry Potter and Voldemort is trying to contact me through the pages of my A5 planner.
You pinch yourself as you stare at the word.
It is still there. As are you.
Oh dear. How does one converse with a word.
You look around.
“Emily, is that you?” you say gaily. If this is to be some TV show prank, they are going to get your good side.
“You got me!”
She owes you big time. What is it? Five pranks, you, zero pranks, her?
You sit and wait, teeth on standby. Toothy grin on demand. Good ol' natured you.
And sit.
Nothing happens. No teak-stained, wooden host, shoves a microphone in your face and asks you how you feel.
You look down, but the word has gone.

NaNoing not Harrowing

Feeling fine about my NaNoWriMo novel this year.
I have not taken the utterly mad step of live blogging it again, because I'm writing it in pieces, or scences, which will (hopefully!) come together at the end into one coherent story.

But, I like my protagonist and the people she has around her.

Going OK so far.

Still [mumble] thousand words behind, but not fearing it and hiding (yet)!

Free Short Story: Black Kitten

Nano is good in a lot of ways, not least because you find yourself sitting in front of a blank page far more often than normal. Today, instead of the novel, this was produced.

Some of you know, espcially from facebook, that there is a new little kitten in our household. Luckily, she is called Cocoa and not Buster.

Here is a Nano inspired Free Short Story:

Black Kitten

Getting used to an amazing new smell is the first test. That umami marmite spread around the living room air. Only a mother could love.
Visitors wrinkle their noses – polite ones. Everyone else just asks: Is that your kitten farting?
Yes, I volunteer, shoulders permanently shrugging.
My atmosphere is generously lubricated with a mixture of milk and cat food, liberally
fermented for a few hours in kitten intestine.
I open a french window, just a crack. A little black nose sits there for an hour, breathing the outside. She looks at me with her quick darting graze of a gaze, as if I am the source of the smell.
It's not me buster.
OK, Buster the little black girl kitten, it is.

A Breeze Blows Through It

I must admit I'm really enjoying Nanowrimo so far. My novel feels like there is a there is a definite breeze blowing through it at the moment.

I don't know how I'll feel by the end of November. Let's wait and see!

If you are doing it too, don't forget to look up deysalina and come by and say Hi!